Locals FAQ

About TXBA Locals

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, and your subscription will stop auto-renewing at the end of the current billing cycle.

Is there a minimum committment?

You pay for each month up front, so the minimum commitment is one month.

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, we have one membership level. The Nickel membership plan costs $19.99/month (USD).

What Is TXBA Locals?

TXBA Locals is a subscription program that allows you to view all TXBA courses online using our Pro Player tool.


Where can I find courses to watch online?

There’s a members-only section on TXBA called Locals. Inside Locals we have a tool that lets you explore all the courses (and every other type of content on TXBA) all in one super fast browser. You can access it here.

How often do new courses come out?

Right now, we’re averaging about one new Mini-Course per month, and a new Full Course once or twice per year. This will dramatically increase when our new studio is finished in late 2015.

What about new courses?

You’ll immediately have access to any new courses that we release while you are a member.

Do I get to watch all courses on TXBA?


What does a TXBA Locals Membership give me?

There are 3 primary benefits of being a TXBA Local:

  • Watch every course on TXBA, and new courses added while you’re a member.
  • Watch anything on the site using our Pro Player with looping, slow motion, and interactive tablature.
  • Save 10% if you decided to buy any courses to keep.

Buying -vs- Joining

Can I still buy courses if I join TXBA Locals?

Yes. If you join TXBA Locals, you can buy courses (and you’ll get a slight discount).

Why would you buy a course if you’re already paying a subscription fee to watch everything? You you may find a course that you really like so much that you want to keep it forever, even if you cancel your membership.

Do I have to join TXBA Locals to buy courses?

No. Anyone can buy courses, whether they are a member of TXBA Locals or not.

What If I Already Own Courses, Am I Paying For Them Twice?

Kind of, but what you’re really paying for is the ability to watch them online using our Pro Player. The more courses you already own, the less valuable a TXBA Locals membership is.

How is buying courses different than subscribing to TXBA Locals?

It’s kind of like renting a movie vs buying it. If you buy a course from TXBA, you own it and can watch it forever. When you join TXBA Locals, it’s like you’re renting everything we have for one monthly price. When you stop paying the subscription fee, you don’t keep anything.

Watching Online

Can I use my TXBA Locals membership on more than one computer?

Absolutely. You can sign-in to your TXBA Locals membership from all your computers and mobile devices.

This FAQ is about the Pro Player, the tool that members of our TXBA Locals program use to watch courses online.

Do I need to install any software to use the Pro Player?

No. The Pro Player is a part of the TXBA website, so everything happens right inside your browser.

What is the Pro Player?

The Pro Player is a tool that we built into our website that organizes all the materials for a course into one window for you. It has some advanced learning tools like slow motion, looping, chapter markers, and interactive tablature.

What does it mean to “watch a course online”?

It means that everything you need to watch the course is right on our website. You don’t have to install any software, download any files, or keep track of anything. You simply find a course you want to watch, and start watching it right on the site.

Pro Player

Does the Pro Player work on smartphones?

Yes, but with a few limitations. Most smartphones will force videos to play in fullscreen mode. That means that our looping, slow-motion, and chapter controls can’t be accessed while the video is playing. However, they will play just fine.

Does the Pro Player work on tablets?

Yes. The Pro Player should work great on any modern tablet.

What if the video is choppy and won’t play smoothly?

The video playback might not be smooth if your connection is not fast enough, or if your computer isn’t powerful enough to play the higher resolution (HD) versions of the videos. In either case, try choosing a lower resolution (480p, 360p, or 270p) which should fix the problem.

What if the video looks grainy and low quality?

We provide our videos with several different levels of quality. If the video looks slightly blurry or grainy, check to make sure the resolution is not set to 270p or 360p. These are really low quality versions that should only be used as a last resort. 720p is usually the best quality to use.

Does the Pro Player have speed controls (slow motion)?

Yes. Slow Motion will work on any computer or tablet, but will not work well on smartphones because smartphones usually force the video to play in fullscreen mode which covers up the slow motion controls.

What are chapters and how do I use them?

Chapters are predefined “bookmarks” in videos that allow you to skip right to a specific part. The Pro Player has a chapter button that displays a list of any chapters we’ve created for the video you’re watching.

What kinds of content can I loop?

Looping works for video and audio. You can also create loops in the tablature viewer by selecting a section of the tablature which will cause it to loop automatically.

Does the Pro Player have A->B Looping?


What can I play in the Pro Player?

All the materials for a course can be viewed in the Pro Player. This includes:

  • Videos
  • MP3s
  • Interactive Tablature
  • PDF Diagrams / Exercises
Does it use flash?

No. Flash is terrible. The Pro Player uses HTML 5 video and audio.

What kind of computer do I need to use it?

The Pro Player will work on any computer with a modern browser. We recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Mac or Windows)
  • Safari (Mac only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Mac or Windows)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows only)
What is the Pro Player?

The ProPlayer is an online tool for viewing videos, backing tracks, tablature and PDFs. It is part of the TXBA website and members of our TXBA Locals program use it to view our courses online.