Troubleshooting Video Playback Problems

Common Problems

If you're reading this guide, it probably means that you've bought a course from TXBA and the videos aren't playing correctly. These problems (while rare) are super annoying. Take a look and see if the problem you're experiencing is on this list:

  • Video stutters while playing.
  • Audio/Video are out of sync.
  • Hear audio, but don't see video.
  • Video stops playing before the end.
  • Computer says you don't have any software to play the video.
  • Weird video artifacts while playing.

If your issue is on that list, read on. If not, contact support.

Our Videos

Our course videos are in Quicktime format. This is an industry standard video format, and our videos have no DRM or other messy licensing things. However, you do need software on your computer that can play Quicktime files.

Windows Media Player Warning

If you're on a Windows computer, you probably already have Windows Media Player installed. This player is terrible. It has an awful track record of playing back Quicktime videos, and frankly I don't know why Microsoft even allows it to try. Nearly all the video playback problems we help people with are caused by Windows Media Player trying to play Quicktime videos.

So if you're having trouble caused by this player, read on...

Recommended Software

We recommend any of the following players:

  • VLC Player - Use the VLC Player if you don't already have iTunes or Quicktime installed.
  • iTunes

(We used to also recommend the standalone Quicktime player, but VLC does everything better than that player anyway).

Solution 1: Update iTunes

Try this solution only if you're trying to play the videos with iTunes already.

Try updating iTunes to the most recent version and see if the problems persist. You can download the latest version of iTunes here.

If that doesn't fix the problem, continue reading...

Solution 2: Install VLC Player

Try this solution if you don't already have iTunes installed, or if Solution #1 didn't fix the problem.

The free VLC Player is an amazing piece of software. You can download it here:

The VLC player can play almost any kind of video (or audio) file, and it has solved pretty much every video problem we've come across.

If the problem still happens in the VLC Player, continue reading...

Solution 3: Re-download Your Course

Sometimes if a course doesn't finish downloading properly, the videos become corrupted. As hard as it is to believe, a video player will actually be able to play part of a corrupted video - until it hits the bad part, then weird things happen.

So, if even the mighty VLC Player can't solve the problem, there's a good chance the video you're playing is corrupted. To fix this, you should download the course again. You can find all your courses listed on your My Courses page and can re-download it from there.

Solution 4: Contact Support

If nothing in this guide works, please contact support so we can help. And if we can't help you fix the problem, you'll get a full refund.

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