How To Use Instant Loops

Instant Loops can save you a ton of time because all the important places you'd loop in a video are already saved. It just takes a single click to get the In/Out points exactly right. Here's are the steps to loading an Instant Loop in the Pro Player.

Click the Instant Loops icon in the toolbar.

The Sidebar will display the Instant Loops browser. If there are no items in this list, it means that no Instant Loops have been created for this video.

Click on any of the loops in the list.

You'll see several things happen. The player will automatically load the loop you clicked on, and it will be highlighted in blue. The looping region will be shown in white along the timeline, and the player will begin looping, and the Loop button in the control bar will turn red.

To stop looping, just click the Loop button in the control bar.

The player will remember which loop you last selected. If you click the Loop button again, the player will begin looping over that same region again.