How To Use Chapter Markers

Chapter markers are like "bookmarks" inside a video, and they can make it much easier to find a specific point inside a long video. Most of our courses are organized in to logical sections and chapter makers make it easy to find those sections.

First, let's look at how you find and use the chapter markers in the Pro Player, then what their names mean.

If the video you're watching has any chapter markers, you'll see this icon in the upper left hand toolbar. Click this icon to view the list of chapter markers.

The list of chapters will list the names of any saved chapters in the video.

Clicking on any chapter will make the player jump to the corresponding point in the video.

You'll see thin vertical lines in the video timeline, indicating where the chapter markers are saved. You can also jump to any chapter by clicking on the timeline where these lines are shown.

What Do Chapter Names Mean?

Here's an example of some chapter names you might see:

  • Intro
  • C2L1
  • Lick 21

But what do those names mean? Here's a quick guide.

Chapters with just words

If you see a chapter named Intro, Breakdown, or some other name that doesn't involve numbers, that chapter is simply identifying the start of a new section of the video.

Chapters with C and L, or Chorus and Lick

If you see a chapter with a name like C1L7 or Chorus 3 Lick 2, these chapters are marking the part of the video where I begin teaching a specific lick from a specific chorus. Any solo that follows a standard blues 12-bar progression (or any other repeating progression) is divided into choruses.

In most courses, each chorus of a solo is broken into it's own video. The number after "C" or "Chorus" indicates which chorus of the performance is being taught. The "L" or "Lick" indicates which lick inside that chorus is being taught.

Chapters with Lick

If you see a chapter without "C" or "Chorus", but with an "L" or "Lick" in the name, that means that the song (or solo) being taught is not divided into choruses, and is only broken up into a big list of licks. The number in the title indicates which lick in the performance is being taught in that section.