How To Request Access To Your Old StevieSnacks Courses

This guide will show you how to request access to your old StevieSnacks courses, whether you purchased DVDs or Downloads. Once this process is complete, you will be able to re-download or watch those courses online.

Step 1: Create Account

The first thing you need to do is create a free account here at TXBA. If you've ever purchased anything here after July 2014, you probably already have an account, but if all your purchases were before that, you'll need to create a new account here.

Create An Account

Step 2: Fill Out the Legacy Orders Request Form

Next, fill out the Legacy Orders Request Form. In this form you'll enter both your TXBA Account email address, as well as any old email addresses you may have used for placing orders in the past.

Legacy Orders Request Form

Every orders from the past 10 years is associated with an email address, so be sure to list any that you've used, otherwise we might not be able to locate your past orders.

Step 3: Wait

Once you've submitted the form, all you have to do is wait.

We'll be fulfilling these requests in the order they're submitted. Sometimes this might take a day, other times it might take several days, it all depends on how many people request this all at once.

Step 4: My Courses Page

After we contact you to tell you that your past orders have been linked, you'll visit your My Courses page (under the Account section).

Every course that we could find in your past orders will be listed there. Under each course will be two buttons, one for watching the course online, and the other for downloading it.

My Courses

Step 4: Watch Online

When you click the "Watch Online" button for any of your courses, the TXBA Pro Player will open in a new window, and that course will be loaded.

All the videos and materials for the course will be listed in the sidebar. Click on any segment to get started.

Pro Player Guides

The TXBA Pro Player has a lot of cool features, so we've created a bunch of guides to show you how to use it. Those guides can be found by browsing to TXBA Headquarters, then Guides. Look for the "Pro Player" tag in the sidebar. That will narrow down the list of guides to show only the ones about the features in the Pro Player.