How To Change Your Screen Name


Your Screen Name is the name that other members see when you comment on a video, in the Pro Player, or post in the TXBA Locals Forums. This guide will show you how to set or change your screen name.

Go To Your Account Dashboard

Click on the "Account" menu in the upper right, then click on "Your Account" to go to your account dashboard.

Click "Change"

By default, your Screen Name is your email address. Click the "Change" button next to your Screen Name.

Choose New Screen Name

You'll see your default screen name listed (your email address). You should change this to either your real name, or some form of that (like Anthony S.). Any guidelines for choosing a new Screen Name will appear on this page.

Click "Submit Changes"

When you've selected your new Screen Name, click the "Submit Changes" button.


You should see your new Screen Name shown on your Account Dashboard now.