How To Change Video Quality

Any video that you watch in the Pro Player is available in several quality levels. This is useful for times when your internet speeds may be slow. Switching to a lower quality level will allow you to keep watching without interruptions.

Here are the steps to change video quality in the Pro Player.

Click on the video settings icon in the control bar.

Any available quality levels for the video you're watching will be listed under "Quality".

Choose a lower quality level to improve playback under slow internet speeds.

Video quality is represented by a number that reflects the resolution (size) of the video. Common quality levels are:

  • 1080p - Highest quality
  • 720p -
  • 360
  • 270 - Smallest, best for slow internet

Sometimes you'll see two additional quality levels in the list:

  • 1080p60
  • 720p60

The "60" means 60 frames per second. Having 60 frames per second makes the videos super smooth - especially during fast sequences with a lot of movement. You'll notice the difference the most when using slow motion. However, these videos will require faster internet speeds than standard quality levels.