How To Add Or Update Your TXBA Account Credit Card

This guide will show you how to update your card, or add a new card to your account. You'll need to do this if your saved card expires while you're a member of the TXBA Locals, otherwise your membership will expire.

Security Note

Your card number and details are never saved on our servers. Rather, information about your card is stored with our Credit Card Processor. We simply store a "token" that can identify which card to use when we process your renewals. This token is useless to anyone except our Credit Card processor.

So, even though it looks like you have card information "saved" in your account on TXBA, the only information actually stored on our servers is the last 4 digits, the expiration date, and the token that is used by the Credit Card processor to identify the card. This is the safest way to handle card info.


Go to your Membership Page. Click the Add Card Button next to the list labeled Your Cards.

Even if you're updating your old card (expiration date, etc...), treat it as a new card.

On the next page, fill in your billing and card details.

After you have filled in both parts of the form, click the Submit button.

You will see the new card in the list of cards. The card you just added will be the last one in the list.

You can now delete your old card from the list. It will be the first card in the list.