Changes for TXBA Customers: Watch Your Courses Online Using The Pro Player

Jul 6th, 2015

Today we've got 3 announcements for those of you who own TXBA Courses. The following video explains it all (a summary is below the video as well).

What's Changing

Customer can now view their purchased courses online using the same Pro Player that TXBA Locals use.

Does This Apply To You?

Members of TXBA Locals

This does not apply to you, because you already have access to every course we have.

Customers Who Buy Courses

Yes, these announcements do apply to you. Please continue reading...

Announcement #1

Did you buy any courses in the past year?


Ignore this


You can use the Pro Player for the next two weeks free to view any courses that you bought in the past year. Watch the video to find out how.

Announcement #2

Will you buy any courses in the future?


Ignore this.


You'll be able to use the Pro Player to view those courses for two weeks after purchasing, for free.

Announcement #3

Have you purchased a lot of courses?


You can probably ignore this.


You should find out about our new $4.99/mo Legacy Plan. Details are below...

The Legacy Plan

  • What Is It?

    A less expensive subscription plan that allows you use the Pro Player to view any course you've ever purchased from TXBA (or StevieSnacks).

  • How Much Does It Cost?


  • Who Is It For?

    This plan will be most valuable to people who already own a lot of courses, who don't want to join the TXBA Locals Program.

  • How Is This Different Than A Membership With TXBA Locals?

    TXBA Locals
    Watch everything on TXBA using the Pro Player for $19.99/month.

    Legacy Plan
    Watch only the courses you've bought using the Pro Player for $4.99/mo

  • Why would I want to watch a course I already have on my computer (or on DVD), online?

    There are a few reasons you might want to do this:

    • To watch from a computer where you haven't downloaded the materials.
    • To watch when you're not at home in front of your TV
    • To use looping, slow-motion and the interactive tablature features of the Pro Player.
  • I want to take advantage of the two week promo, but my orders are all from before 7/25/14, am I screwed?

    This is a tough one. I've tried a lot of ways to bring over 10k old orders into the current system, but have accepted that there's no way to do this in bulk, and still be accurate.

    So unfortunately, if your orders were placed before 7/20/14, you'll have to sign up for a Legacy subscription (even if it's only for one month), and that will cover the cost of getting your order history manually entered into the current system.

  • I'm a member of TXBA Locals, should I cancel and join the Legacy Plan because it's cheaper?

    That depends on how many courses you already own. If you don't own very many, you'd be missing out on a LOT of stuff by choosing the Legacy plan. You'd go from being able to watch everything to just a few courses.

    But if you've been buying courses regularly for the past 8 years, the Legacy plan might be a viable option for you until we've produced enough new courses to make the jump to TXBA Locals worthwhile.

    Also, if you're a super fan, and you intend to buy everything we ever produce, the Legacy plan is a great option because you'd essentially have access to everything anyway.

  • If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to download those courses?

    Yes. The Legacy plan subscription is just providing you with the option to view your purchases online in the Pro Player. Your courses will still be downloadable even if you cancel your subscription, just in case your computer crashes and you lose the lesson materials.

How To View Your Courses Online

To view your courses online during this 2 Week promotional period, sign into your account, and look for the new My Courses page. That page will list any courses you've purchased since we launched the store last year (on 7/25/14). Click the "Watch" button under the course name and the Pro Player will open right in your browser.

When you're done watching, just look for the "Exit" button at the top right of the Pro Player and you'll be taken back to the My Courses page.


I'm sure some of you will have questions, so I'll address a few here. If you have others, you can ask in the comments, or contact support.

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