Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead

Learn how to master 5 different blues rhythms and embellish them with lead lines.


Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead

This course focuses on 5 different rhythms, how to master each one, and how to mix in chord embellishments and lead lines.

This course is still in production. Locals can begin studying it while it is being produced.

Featured Videos

  • Rhythm 1

    Rhythm 1 is a standard blue shuffle in E.

  • Rhythm 2

    Rhythm 2 is a slow, minor blues in the style of “Catfish Blues” in E.

  • Rhythm 3

    Rhythm 3 is a mid-tempo blues shuffle in B.

  • Rhythm 4

    Rhythm 4 is a minor slow blues in B, in the style of “Tin Pan Alley”.

  • Rhythm 5

    Rhythm 5 is an 8 bar blues in A, in the style of “Key To The Highway”.

Course Status

Rhythm 1

Demonstration with Instant Loops (published 3/8/21)
Interactive Tablature (published 3/8/21)
Quick Fix Lesson (published 3/10/21)
◻️In-Depth Rhythm Lesson

Rhythm 2

Demonstration with Instant Loops (published 3/11/21)
Interactive Tablature (published 3/11/21)
Quick Fix Lesson (published 3/11/21)
◻️In-Depth Rhythm Lesson

Rhythm 3

Demonstration with Instant Loops (published 3/16/21)
Interactive Tablature (published 3/16/21)
Quick Fix Lesson (published 3/16/21)
◻️In-Depth Rhythm Lesson

Rhythm 4

Demonstration with Instant Loops (published 5/13/21)
Interactive Tablature (published 5/14/21)
Quick Fix Lesson (published 5/19/21)
◻️In-Depth Rhythm Lesson

Rhythm 5

Demonstration with Instant Loops (published 5/27/21)
Interactive Tablature (published 5/27/21)
Quick Fix Lesson (published 5/31/21)
◻️In-Depth Rhythm Lesson