Jamming To “Out Of My Mind”


Feb 13th, 2023

For the past few weeks I've been working on getting the video and audio setup for the TXBA Barn Stage ready for recording. For now I'm just using 3 of my older camcorders into an ATEM TV Studio HD Switcher, recording onto a Hyperdeck recorder. I'm automating the camera switching using Keyboard Maestro that just runs a macro in a loop switching between cameras. The audio is being recorded into Logic Pro X through a Presonus Studiolive III 32R mixer. In this video I'm running my SRV Strat with Zexcoils into a Fender 75 Head which is connected to a 2x15 Fender Cabinet loaded with 2 JBL D130F speakers which is then mic'd with a single Shure SM57 just outside the center of the cone. Not my greatest tone, but I was just focused on getting the levels right, and getting everything working together.

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