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Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 Clean Boost


Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 Clean Boost

The MK.4.23 clean boost from Creation Audio Labs is an extremely transparent clean boost that electrifies your tone. It allows you to slam the preamp stage of your amp with a much higher signal level than your pickups can provide. It’s hard to describe the effect that this pedal has on your tone…you really need to hear it.


  • Causes your tone to sound more lively, more 'electric'
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • HUGE amount of available boost


  • For adding a slight edge to my tone, pushing the amp a little harder

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How To Buy

You can find this item online at the following link:

Buying Advice

  • You have a tube amp that you like the sound of and want an additional level of uncolored boost
  • You have a tube amp that doesn't distort very much