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Creation Audio Labs Redeemer Beltpack


Creation Audio Labs Redeemer Beltpack

Once you begin to hear your cables, you can’t unhear them. I played for 18 years without hearing my cables. Then, with the right amp, the right pickups, in the right room, I heard my cables. And I didn’t like what I heard.

So I compared cable brands. That made some difference. Then I compared cable lengths. That made a huge difference. The cable only disappeared if it was shorter than 10 feet. But that’s not practical.

So I bought the Redeemer. Now I can use whatever cable I want, at any length I want. And I can’t go back, this thing has become a foundational part of my tone.

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If you need to use cables longer than 10 to 15 feet, and you prefer bright tone.


  • Buffers your pickups right at the source
  • Very solidly built
  • Disengage switch makes comparison very easy.

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