Understanding What’s In A Course

In addition to videos, most courses have other types of materials like tablature and backing tracks. All of these materials can be viewed in the Pro Player. This guide will help you understand how to find these materials in the Pro Player.

Each course is divided into segments. These segments are grouped into sections in the Segment Browser. This pane will open automatically the first time you load a course, but you can toggle it open or closed using the Segments icon in the toolbar.

Video segments will have a video icon next to them. Long lessons are usually broken up into several shorter videos. The names of the video segments will indicate what part of the video is taught in that segment.

Audio (mp3) segments will have an audio icon next to them.

Interactive Tablature segments will have a music icon next to them. These tablature segments will load the SoundSlice tablature player which allows you to loop, pitch shift, and slow down the tablature.

Some courses also have video tablature segments. These are simply videos with the tablature overlaid on the video, in sync with the audio. These should not be confused with the interactive tablature segments described above.