Lesson Buying Guide

This guide will help you figure out the right starting point in the Full Lessons section of The Woodshed.

First, let's look at how the lessons are organized.

About Collections

A collection is a group of Full Courses that have a similar purpose or theme. There are currently 5 collections. Let's take a look..

Essentials Collection

The best place to start for most players. Helps get you 'on the same page' with me. Includes Essential TheoryEssential Fretboard5 Essential Blues Boxes5 Boxes Essential Licks, and Simple 12-Bar Rhythm.

Influences Collection

Soloing lessons in the style of the 3 Kings of The Blues. Includes Albert's InfluenceB.B.'s Influence, and Freddie's Influence.

SRV Style Solo Matrix

A huge collection of "in-the-style-of" soloing lessons from popular SRV songs. Includes too many courses to list....

Essential Techniques

An in-depth series about the techniques used by the most popular blues-rock artists of all time. Includes The GripMuting, RakingBendingVibrato, and Picking.

Vintage Collection

Older lessons that never quite caught on. Includes Original BalladCovenant, and E-Flat Blues Stomp.

Where To Start - Skill Level

Beginner Guide

  • Essential Theory
    If you don't know any theory at all, start here.

  • Essential Fretboard
    Some of this course will be too hard for you, but focus on concepts about fretboard navigation and the basic chords stuff.

  • SRV Style Solo Matrix
    There are beginner soloing lessons for each song style. These are perfect way for beginners to begin learning the SRV style of playing.

  • Simple 12-Bar Rhythm
    This course will introduce you to the fundentals of blues rhythm guitar, and help you build your endurance as well.

  • 5 Essential Blues Boxes
    This is not really a beginner course, but if you're motivated, this can be an extremely valuable course for you to begin studying, even if it is mostly over your head.

  • 5 Boxes Essential Licks
    There's over 150 licks taught in this course, a fair amount of them are simple enough for you if you've been through the SRV Style Solo Matrix beginner lessons.

Intermediate Guide

  • Essential Theory
    If you don't know any theory at all, start here. 

  • Essential Fretboard
    This is the most popular couse and designed specifically for intermediate players.

  • 5 Essential Blues Boxes
    Go into much more depth about the 5 soloing boxes introduced in Essential Fretboard.

  • Simple 12-Bar Rhythm
    If you haven't ever worked on your rhythm, this course will help you get a solid foundation. If you're already a good rhythm player, skip this one.

  • SRV Style Solo Matrix
    There's an intermediate soloing lesson for each song style. 

  • Albert's Influence
    This is the least difficult series in the Influences Collection, lots of power, but not much speed.

  • B.B.'s Influence
    This is slightly more difficult, more speed, but not as much intensity. 

  • Freddie's Influence
    This is the most difficult course in the Influences Collection. It's a good introduction to the advanced level lessons. 

Advanced Guide

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