How To Use Interactive Tablature

Many of our courses have tablature to accompany the lessons. In the Pro Player, this tablature is interactive, with features that make it much easier to learn from. Here's a guide to all the features you can use with the interactive tablature player.

You can find interactive tablature for a course in the segment browser. Any item with the music icon next to it is an interactive tablature segment. Choosing this segment will load the interactive tablature player.

Play / Pause

The Play/Pause button is located at the bottom of the window.

There are several playback modes which you can choose from by clicking the small arrows next to the Play/Pause button.

Playback Speed

You can speed up or slow down playback using the speed control.

Audio Source

A list of available audio or video demonstrations can be found in the Audio Source list, which is shown when you click on the Audio Source button. When you select an audio or video demonstration, it will be played in sync with the tablature. The Synthetic option at the top will use a computerized synthesizer guitar sound (which is pretty awful).

Virtual Fretboard

You can enable a virtual fretboard by clicking on the fretboard icon. As the tablature plays, the corresponding notes on the fretboard will light up.


It's easy to loop any part of the tablature. Just use your mouse to select a range (click and drag) of the tablature, and the player will automatically loop over the selected range.


The settings panel can be opened by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right.

You can increase the zoom level of the tablature, making the notes bigger or smaller, using the zoom slider.

You can increase or decrease the volume of the audio using the volume slider.

You can transpose the tablature up or down to different keys using the Key Transposition slider. Note This will not affect the pitch of the audio source, unless you're using the Synthetic option for the audio.

You can raise or lower the volume of the metronome using the Synth Metronome volume slider.

All of our tablature should have the option to print enabled. If you don't see the Print button at the bottom of the settings panel, please contact us.