TXBA At 10

10 Years Of Blues Guitar Lessons

The stories and testimonials on this page were collected in Fall of 2017 as I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of uploading my first YouTube guitar lesson.

I ran into you while navigating through guitar tutorials in youtube. Without a single doubt in my mind, this is my favorite guitar resource website of all. It is with you that I have learned to believe that uplayable songs become playable. Thanks a lot for the best guitar resource site on the planet! Pablo.
- Pablo Deliyore

First heard you on Youtube back in the day of StevieSnacks. Nobody did as much to help decipher Stevie's licks for us wannabes! You made Stevie's awesome playing at least approachable, which drove my playing to new heights. Your great courses have taken me that much further! You Rock and have helped me learn to Rock!
- David Ford

Been "playing" guitar for years. I put "playing" in quotes because, in reality, my decades of effort was little more than memorizing licks and chord progressions that had singular application. Attempts at finding competent instruction were futile and essentially amounted to repeatedly being told to "just keep practicing" without being provided anything of substance to practice. TBA was an oasis that presented an intelligently conceived methodology that ACTUALLY TEACHES HOW TO PLAY THE INSTRUMENT -not just a few songs or licks. Equally important, the instruction is structured to progressively promote growth. "TBA" doesn't stand for Texas Blues Alley- it stands for is "TONY is a BAD ASS!"
- Joe Yamin

Hey Anthony, My inspiration and enthusiasm for the blues and its masters has always been a great source of energy and growth in my own personal music. Having found TXBA was like discovering a treasure chest for learning more about the blues and expanding upon this love I have for it. Thank you Anthony for the free lesson fridays and all the effort you put into all your content, your approach to teaching is very effective and my playing has benefited a lot from your lessons! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, I look forward to learning more from TXBA! Cheers, Marcel
- Marcel W

I first have to say that I have been trying to play for about 35 years. I have very bad dyslexia and it has made trying to learn music just about impossible, so I've always learned by watching others and driving everyone in my house mad by playing and replaying over and over parts of a song that I wanted to learn. My brother helped me learn my whole life, he was a drummer, but played the guitar too. He would buy videos or take me to shows to watch performers play. We even even played out from time to time in his band, I played good, but I could never really express what I wanted in my playing. He always had my back and would push me to play. In 1998 he passed away from AIDS, I was destroyed. I couldn't look at or even play my guitar. So after a few years of not playing at all, I sold everything. My thinking was that it would help me with his loss, it didn't. But in late spring of 2015 I was given a Fender Texas Roadhouse Deluxe Strat only if I promised to play it, So I took it and after 17 years of not playing I felt lost. That's when came across TXBA that summer. Here was a site dedicated to the music I so loved and alwaya wanted to play, even just a little. Your site had my playing real blues licks that I only dreamed about, I purchased some of you Texas Flood Mod and lived it, than I purchased your Albert King mod and I've been going nuts with it, I'm sounding like Albert King (Trying my best). I do not want to mark the 20th anniversary of my brother's passing with feeling sad, but rather out playing the music he and I enjoyed so much, the Blues and with your programs I will be able to do this. Thank you for what you do, it really has helped me in ways I can't truly put into words. Be Well,    Walter Casler      Hewitt, NJ
- Walter Casler

Hey Anthony, I've always loved blues guitar. When I was in highschool (early 90s), I would get so much out of listening to players like Jimi, SRV....to name a couple. I bought a guitar and began practicing. I would learn chords and scales....a few songs but for several years, it seemed like I was in limbo. I knew chords and scales but I had no idea how to use them. It seemed like I would only play what I was comfortable playing. I felt like I played the same things over and over. By listening to great guitarist (even some that I knew, personally), I could tell that they, somehow, knew how to use the chords and scales in such a way that they were able to sound great, they had an arsenal of cool licks and riffs and they also utilized much more of the fretboard. It seemed like they were on some unattainable level. What your courses have done for me is, they have helped me to piece a lot of the things that I already knew.........I still have a lot of room for improvement but I know how to make the scales sound much better because you've discussed, in great detail, important notes of each scale....also cool licks in each blues box. The unattainable level, seems like a possibility now. You have a great way of presenting the information in small parts so they are easy to grasp, practice and remember..... Thanks!
- Jason Rozier

I stumbled upon the "5 Boxes" video on Youtube. I was amazed and thrilled that there was someone else out there who approached blues playing in the same way that this self-taught hacker understood the fretboard, and I soon became a regular visitor on Steviesnacks. (waaay back when Steviesnacks had a white background!) Since then I've been a regular visitor and follower of the site, but have only ever purchased 2 courses: "Fly On" and "Slight Return." These two courses have affected my playing in two ways: "Fly On" is what I turn to frequently when I just want to sit down and play something for the joy of it, and it always delivers. And when my band covers "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder the solo I play at the end is the best rendition of "Slight Return" that I can put out there. Anthony and I are both Lancaster County-raised Penn State graduates and have spent a little bit of time together at KWS shows and a couple other places. On a more personal level, it's inspirational that a guy a lot like me gets to spend time doing what he loves and, more importantly, positively affect the lives of people around the world. Congratulations on 10 great years and here's to many more!
- Doug Williams

I'm just a kid and I've only been playing for about a year, but "Free Lesson Friday" lessons alone have helped me a lot and I will be getting some courses soon! I think this website is the best thing that ever happend for any SRV and blues guitar player. Thanks, Anthony, for improving my playing and maybe even changing my future!
- Benjaminas Anceris

Dear TXBA, Before I ran upon your courses I felt like I always was falling back into my same old patterns and chords with very short gains in any progress. Your courses have opened up a whole new world for me to explore. Now when I play my wife and friends will sometimes say " wow that sounds really nice or what was that you just played". Your lessons have put the fun back into my guitar playing. Anthony thax for all your hard work putting this together,also you are one hell of a guitarist and I think you sing well also.......and your well spoken and funny to boot. Best Wishes, James.
- james Saunders

Hi Anthony! You're lessons on soloing in blues have improved my playing tremendously. I always thought I could play alright, but never every would I have thought that I would be able to reach this level of guitar playing. I've especially learned a great deal from the Influences Collections. Just being able to play Villanova Junction is something I could've never dreamed of. Thank you so much and I hope that maybe someday we could have a jam together! - Stephan The Netherlands
- Stephan Tap

Hi Anthony Finding Stevie Snacks was really a god send, am I'm not exaggerating, I love Stevie so much and to find you explain all of that and to make since out of it was just great. all of a sudden I didnt feel overwhelmed anymore. You broke it down into small chunks where I could digested. Great job bro looking forward to TXBA in the future.
- Alex Salaam

Hey Anthony, This statement is more of a "thank you" than a statement about me, and its not just to get any coupon... A few years ago, I was totally dumbfounded about an instrument that, to this day, I love. No matter how I approached it, I could not get it to do what I wanted it to do. Then I happened upon "Stevie Snacks.com", and my world changed for the better. Your teaching style allowed me to absorb and actually understand how this instrument had to be played, Blues style. I was not a novice; I had been trained for years before that and had a decent understanding of the guitar, but something was still missing. I ordered several courses from you, and I learned more from those lessons, than in all the time I spent with teachers, an d I am still learning, thanks to you. So, thanks for all that you've done, and continue to do. Keep it going and good luck
- Tony Martucci

Anthony, I very much enjoy your teaching style in that you provide a great framework upon which to build an individualized interpretation of songs. I have been a member of the Woodshed in the past and also learn from you Free Lesson Friday segments. Congratulations on doing this for 10 years and good luck in the next 10. Todd Whitehead
- Todd Whitehead

Hello Anthony, here's some words, here's my little song: 38 years old, 11 years of practicing guitar today, no "blues culture" around me, in France I'm living. Yes oh Lordy Lord yes, courses from StevieSnacks and Texas Blues Alley do affect my life and my playing. Drillin' with my left hand, on my knees every single day, my babe is sayin' : "Blues is life and his life won't be the same anymore, Lord lordy Lord please give me back my man one more". Yes no "blues culture" around me, but I have courses from StevieSnacks and Texas Blues Alley, Right behind my door, and my life won't be the same anymore! Thank you so much for sharin' Anthony, Bless, Smaël

Hi Anthony, Congratulations on 10 years of fantastic guitar teaching! With your help I've been converted from a very frustrated rhythm player into a passable lead guitarist - my lifetime's ambition! And to have an state-of-the=art website which is dedicated to my favourite blues players is like some sort of utopia! Like it says - welcome home, guitar slinger! But it's not just your technical expertise - I love your musical philosophy, your no-punches-pulled straight talking, and your wry sense of humour. I'm not bothered about a discount coupon, I just want to say thanks for the massive support and to wish you further success going forward. And thanks to your family for supporting you in what must have seemed a very risky venture.! Best wishes, Steve (one of your biggest UK fans)
- Steve Barrow

Hi Anthony! I played guitar for 5 or 6 years and after I reached some decent level of playing over some rock style progressions I started looking for some in depth blues lessons in the style of SRV. I found a couple of online videos, but nothing that grabbed my attention in particular. After I stumbled upon your you tube video lesson I was astonished how well you teach SRV style. Your free videos and a couple of paid lessons from SOLO MATRIX - ADVANCED BUNDLE helped me a lot in my journey exploring SRV style. Keep the great lessons coming! All the best, Marian!
- Marian Stanchev

Hello Anthony, First of all thanks for your lessons and all the hard work you put into it, i've seen your progress through the years and how you develope dthe product that you have today, greatly appreciated. I'll start by saying i've played guitar for about 8 years now, I picked up after a knee injury. I used to do a lot of sports and I had to fill the gap with it. I realy got stuck into playing with that hard fender acoustic, barely making barr chords and all that begginer stuff but something felt right about electric guitar so I got myself a Fender Stratocaster with the Humbuckers. I started watching Marty Schwartz and at that point it felt realy good cause I could learn a lot of stuff from him, licks, the concepts of blues scales, some stuff here and there but after a year or two it felt like I needed something more. I was already digging into blues scales and listening to SRV, Hendrix, Sean Costello, Bonamassa and all the Kings, Blues was in me and I needed help getting it out. That's when I first found your videos around 2009-2010?, gr8bluesgtr back then. It was the begginer series of the Blues solo, I quickly got that one down so I went onto the intermediate. That's when I felt the challenge, but I just put my head into it and got the whole thing down after a couple of weeks. Then I went onto the advanced and knew that I was ready... yet. I suscribed to your channel, followed every free lesson friday, some I can do, some I can't because of the speed but I always try understand the concepts of what you're doing and apply them in my own way to my playing. I also remember all the videos where you talk about musician/Guitarist mentality, they also helped a lot and help you put yourself in perspective, this is a long run, you gotta be prepared and it's going to take sacrifice, you have to be honest to yourself along the way. Today im an accomplished musician who has recorded 8 songs in studio, has done over 60 gigs and is the frontman for a band called Kings Closet. We like rock, we like blues, we like funk, we like psycadelich. To me you are an essential part of what I am today as a guitar player as you helped me do the jump from begginer-intermediate to advanced. I must say since then I have developed into my own music and don't play the blues as much as I did but it's an essential part of my playing even if applied to other rythms or styles. I can't express enogh gratitude for what you do and I think what you have going on the "The Barn" is absolutely amazing. I wish I could have something like that one day. Best of wishes in the future Anthony. A true fan from Madrid, Spain Carlos Halpin
- Carlos Halpin

Anthony, I have been mixing bands at FOH for 35 years, after playing keys, bass, and rhythm guitar in cover bands for a few years. I still dabble on the guitar and have really enjoyed your videos. Your videos have mainly affected my ears and the way I mix guitars. I have learned so much about tone from your videos and discussions that guitarists seek my FOH services because I can hear and understand the nuances of their playing. Not many sound guys can enjoy the conversations we have in the green room between sets! In fact, I am learning how to make repairs and custom setup adjustments based on our tone and playing styles. I can attribute a lot of that to the depths you go to in your videos and gear discussions. I may not have learned a lot about playing (yet!), but i truly thank you for the lessons.
- Mark Andrews

Picked up guitar after 45 years, bought a Fender MIA Strat, took some lessions, watched a lot of videos but I just couldn't find anybody that was teaching what I really wanted. SRV style blues, until TXBA.. Have Essential Fretboard, and The Grip, What a way to start... Many Thx.
- Chris Santschi

I love playing guitar more than just about anything, but gave it up for many years. Now that I've come back to it - and will never give it up again - your courses have helped me remember things I had long forgotten and learn some essential techniques I never knew. I am a rock and blues fan. But to be absolutely honest, I don't even like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not at all. If I never heard another SRV song or solo again that would be fine by me. But you are such a good teacher that I follow you and check out every post and lesson because you always have something valuable for us. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for everything.
- Robert Horn

I first heard of StevieSnacks through YouTube and was instantly a fan. These guitar videos are always filled with great ideas and technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, StevieSnacks is the best online guitar teacher you will find.
- Mark Anthony Lopez

I have been on many places trying to find the srv style, I consider myself intermediate then finally get to my life Texas Blue's alley, I am learning the Texan Floods lessons, so excited, thanks Anthony for this opportunity to get the best in this playing style, love Texas Blue's alley!!
- Erwin Jimenez

After 15 years of keeping my guitars in a dusty corner, I have rediscovered my love for playing since stumbling across TXBA. Anthony’s logical, building block approach appeals to my meticulous side. I hope to start taking part in open mic blues jams within the next few months.
- Keehn Hosier

Through much trial and many errors, I had convinced myself that the Hendrix and SRV styles were too difficult for me to learn. Your lessons have broken things down into manageable pieces. As the proverb says, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." I am still chewing my way through my first elephant but there has been progress. Joe
- Joe Evans

Hi, Anthony, I´m over 40 years old and 6 months ago a decided to learn lead guitar (after years playing just rhythm). the very first solo I´ve learned by heart was your "Slow Blues Solo 1 - Intermediate", and I still find it awesome. Cheers from Brazil.
- Rodrigo Guimarães

I am quite new with the guitar and the blues. So your course on blues rhythm has given me an entry to that. Further down the line I will come back for something more advanced.
- Linus Gediminas

Well, it all started when I was struck by lightning! which had the name Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was so impressed with your passion for music that I realized that this was what I wanted to do too. I picked up an electric guitar for the first time! I was very excited! I wanted to play like Stevie! aggressive, precise, fast, strong, delicate, beautiful, malicious. all the possible qualities that you can describe in one guitarist, SRV contained ALL! A long way to practice, study to get to play like him, but we all know that it is not possible to match a guitar hero like him ... not without help. It was at this point of the walk that I found a site called StevieSnacks. Dude, I had everything I needed. A charitable soul sharing his knowledge about music, and better, showing all the secrets of my great guitar hero. Several licks, tips, tone and true lessons about music that I could not learn alone. Since then, I have been accompanying this guy too, so humble and willing to help doing what he likes playing guitar. Thank you and congratulations for the 10 years of hard work! hahaha Cheers
- Marcio Pereira

I discovered Stevie Snacks around 2010, while I was in college. I had a lot of time available to practice, and I was learning to play somewhat involved music for the first time. I wanted to learn to play lead stuff, so I bought the slow blues and shuffle blues DVD's and found out pretty quickly that instructional videos were a good resource. Breaking up licks into small bites so that they weren't as daunting was crucial for me! 6-7 years later, I still use Anythony's lessons, i have two Strats, one with Texas Specials, the other with Zexcoils, and about a year ago I finally sat down and nailed the "Insane SRV Voodoo Chile Lick" for the first time. For how far my playing has come, I owe a lot to guys like Anthony for posting their knowledge online for me to use anytime I want a lesson.
- Mike Mara

I've been a customer since the StevieSnacks with the 3 Kings Influence series - and that is one of the best, most fulfilling, and replayable sets of lessons that I've ever come across. More recently, I've purchased the Jimi's Influence series and the "Fly On" and "Slight Return" individual lessons. As a former guitar instructor, Anthony reinforces two of the most difficult aspects about teaching music lessons: 1. it requires work & practice and 2. that it is incredibly difficult to teach many different people in the same way - and this is Anthony's strength as an instructor. Going back, he has tailored his lessons to fit the needs of each student in a one-size-fits-all sort of way while still retaining enough long-term, goal-oriented challenges to continue returning to lessons after you've gone through them once (or twice, or three times ...) On a different level, Anthony is also a tremendous presence in social media circles - going so far as to chat with customers (or potential customers) about new music, gear, or other valuable insight regarding serious guitar playing.
- Kevin Ryan

I went back to playing my guitar after of years of doing nothing. But this time I had set a road path to what I wanted to accomplish. First was to purchase a stratocaster, second was to learn to play what was in my heart the blues of which SVR had planted a seed, third was to attend every open mic that I could find and forth was to be in a Blues band. Where to start with on line lessons? There were so many but I kept going back to TXBA. First I thought no way I can play any of those licks but I then found myself waiting for the Free Fridays. Playing them over and over till I was able to master them. I can honestly tell you TXBA is spot on with teaching and achieving 100% accuracy. Anthony has shown me perfection comes from within. I’m now proud to say I’m the guitarist in a cool blues band called: Midnight Mike Peroff Blues Harp band. And my stage name is Texas Ronnie J. We have played the Syracuse Blues fest; continue giging many local clubs private parties and charity events. Without TXBA I doubt I would be where I am today. - Ron Caramella AKA Texas Ronnie J
- Ron Caramella

When I started playing guitar a little over a year ago I immediately started listening to SRV but it was so discouraging because he was so good. One day I decided I would look up "how to play guitar like SRV"and your videos were the first to pop up. I clicked on one video (I can't remember which video) and it has forever changed the way I play. For this I am forever in dept to you, for the knowledge you've shared over the years. Thank you
- Dalton Love

I'm sharing no for anything. However, you have Blessed me personally. I play guitar for Christ Jesus. And you are a Great Musician. You did not have to share what you love to do with the world. I'm so glad you did. I Pray God blesses you and your Family. In Jesus name! Psalm 129:8 King James Version (KJV) 8 Neither do they which go by say, The blessing of the Lord be upon you: we bless you in the name of the Lord.
- Christopher Redden

I searched for years trying to find anything on SRV technique and found nothing useful. TBA has changed my thinking as a guitar player and has improved my playing by a thousand fold. Thank you for all you hard work and dedication Anthony!!! Tim Ring
- Tim Ring

I found StevieSnacks years ago and love your lessons and your gear reciews. I am local and used to go see Your band Skytop Blues all the time and really enjoyed you especially the show at stone valley and the one in Allen Street. I also seen you near Beaver Stadium.
- Tom Moore

I started learning classical guitar at a very young age and got frustrated after 3 years. When i picked up the guitar years later it was because of the blues. Blues that I was able to learn because of StevieSnacks. Every single video that I watched back then had a great impact on my playing today. Now, even if I moved on in other genres of music, I can still find my roots while watching a Texas Blues Alley video. It reminds me of why I picked up the guitar back all those years ago. Thank you for everything you did Anthony and to another 10 years!
- Samuel Monat

I'd heard about Stevie Snacks back shortly before my divorce in 2008. I never really followed up because I'd given up on guitar at 20. In 2014, I heard the "Freddie's Influence" lesson and FINALLY saw someone teaching a lesson that sparked my imagination showing the music I love! It was the first lesson I purchased and it is still my favourite! Now? I'm hammering out a set list with a band I put together! Something I NEVER thought I could've done!
- Russell Sinclair

Anthony, your influemce on my guitar prowess and vocabulary has been profound. The 'blues box' lessons were like a Rosetta Stone for an impenetrable language. Your B.B. King stuff got me mixing major and minor and sounding authentic. I've applied this to my playing and can now improvise on stage with my band with confidence. I would say since becoming a Local, without hyperbole I m maybe 10 times the player I was when I was learning songs parrot fashion. This improvement has only taken a couple of years, and could have been much quicker still if age and work didn't interfere! Indirectly, this has honestly increased my all-round personal confidence. Another nice side effect is that I discovered Albert, Freddie and B.B. through your lessons and am now avidly collecting authentic blues...it's a whole new world! Your teaching is confident but humble, clear and logical. It is an ideal next step for anybody who has learned to play a little, but wants help to play a lot. In your own way you are probably in my top five most influential guitarists, if you will accept that as a compliment! Thanks always, Chris
- Chris Hollinrake

I had struggled to learn to play guitar for years; everything from trying to play by ear to forcing myself to try to use tablature. The end result was a hodgepodge of chords and licks that I only knew in one key. Thankfully, I found "Stevie Snacks" and TXBA. Anthony's style of teaching and his explanation of the five boxes and how to use them really demystified the fretboard for me. I'm no expert by any stretch, but I've been able to apply Anthony's techniques to a whole myriad of music genres and I have been able to learn new songs much faster than before! Thanks, TXBA! If you're reading this: join the TXBA Locals program. It's by far the best value on the Internet. Dan, Queens, NY

andy you are a godsend god bless you i may not be a top notch guitarist but you have tought me things that at one time i thhought would be impossible to learn
- cody dafoe

Well for one thing, I’m a lot poorer :-) I really love your courses, they are set up well and encourage experimentation and discovery. Whenever I’m in a slump I look to learn my way out of it. Your course helped me do that and opened a few new doors for me. It really helped me make Lenny my own. After using your course I had a better understanding of the piece than just learning the tab note fo note. Did I mention they are worth every penny?
- Daniel Rosso

I started playing guitar in college. I am a huge John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix fan and wanted to play like them. I came across some of your free lessons on YT and learned about Stevie (who was a huge John Mayer influence) and playing the blues. That got me introduced to your Channel and lead playing, but what really took my playing to the next level was your thanksgiving ballad lesson. I learned so much from that course. It didn’t just teach me licks, it tough me the why behind them and my playing has seen a huge benefit from that. I just recently joined the locals because I wanted to get faster and I have been practicing the speed course very strictly the last 2 months and have definitely seen a huge improvement to my playing and I’m excited to keep improving and learning.
- Nick Pfab

10 years ago... I remember how impressive your down to earth explanations of blues guitar was. It's been fun to see your evolution as both an instructor and entrepreneur. I've learned a lot. Thank you.
- Curt Gresock

I had been playing guitar for many years, mostly hard rock stuff and had always dug SRV. About the time my kids were born and I quit playing in bands I realized I could take some time to learn about this awesome blues player. That's when I found Stevie Snacks on YouTube! I finally found someone who could not only play the notes but get the feel right and explain it in a way that I could get the feel too. Watching Stevie Snacks grow into TXBA has been so inspiring. Good luck Anthony on the next 10 years!
- Shane Huckeba

It was the occasional philosophy videos which really had an impact on me as a whole musician. Why do I play guitar, or want to pursue the unforgiving Texas Blues? After some real soul searching I found playing guitar was my most emotionally unintelligent activity. I had some dragons to slay in feelings of inadequacy stemming decades back. Now I play to create beauty, or express myself fully. Sometimes that looks like burning Texas Blues, many times something else, but TXBA is to thank for being such a catalyst. Thanks Anthony!
- Josh Allen

When I found steviesnacks I was slightly obsessed with SRV but could not for the life of me work out what he was doing! Steviesnacks fixed this for me and opened up a lot of Stevie's playing for me. I still remember the Lenny series of lessons and the pride I felt at being able to play a good amount of the song. I subsequently bought some premium lessons and was always happy with them. Thanks for the inspiration!
- Pete Edge

I’d been a S-R V fan from the age of 18 when I brought home Bowie’s Let’s Dance. Everyone was raving about Bowie’s new look etc and I was like ‘Never mind that, that guitar sounds amazing. Who IS that?’ I went and bought Couldn’t Stand the Weather but had to go to all the way to London to get it. I played a bit of guitar back then but was pretty terrible, just knocking out basic tunes with cowboy chords on my Epiphone acoustic. Work and travel intervened and the Epi went into my mum’s loft. Fast forward to 2011 and for no particular reason I got the Epi down got some strings and a tuner. Google led me to a wealth of guitar lessons of varying quality and once I had E minor pentatonic under my belt, I was away. Round about then I found the Stevie Snacks Hideaway lesson. That was it. I told my wife I was having a male menopausal moment and it was gonna be either a mistress, a Harley Davidson or an electric guitar. She rolled her eyes and sighed. A week later I had a 335 and a Marshall. I have followed Stevie Snacks through into TBA and bought a number of the short courses and song guides. 2015, I played The Thrill is Gone at a jam session. First time I had played in public since the early 80’s and thanks to TBA’s song guide, I absolutely bloody nailed it. I love Free Lesson Fridays and new courses for the clarity of the explanation and the quality of the camera work. Keeps me sane through all the crap that’s going on these days and I had a triumph recently in Denmark Street, London’s Tin Pan Alley, trying out a Strat playing the Thanksgiving Ballad. Dude in the shop said, ‘That was awesome, mate, what was it?’ Must confess I just shrugged and said ‘Aah, y’know, just a thing...’ Is that really bad of me? One of these days when I have time I will take out a Locals membership and try to master the whole lot of it. Keep ‘em coming, Anthony, you are doing a great job and have the coolest man-cave ever, which you thoroughly deserve.
- Mike Rhoden

Summer 2014 I had an internship in Austin, TX as a sophomore from the University of Oklahoma. Needless to say I didn't make many friends that summer. But I did find TXBA, which absolutely took over my whole summer. Whenever I was "working" during the week I was watching your 5 blues box videos and made paper sticky notes that resembled the neck of the guitar and posted them all over my bedroom wall so I could visually see the neck of the guitar. It helped me study the root notes, the "bluesy notes", and others that aren't a part of the pentatonic scale. Anthony I learned so much that summer I can't even explain to you how much I appreciate everything you have done. keep doing what you're doing and I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for the future. P.S. - I emailed you a few years ago about my first public appearance about playing at a Liquor tasting and you made my confidence shoot up the roof with your response. We had a hell of a show. I appreciate that -Garrett O'Grady
- Garrett O'Grady

Anthony, Though I haven't even buyed a course, I watched and watch every friday freebie. In one year and a half, your lessons taught me almost all I can play in the blues, and some 70% of everything I play. I lack enough words to thank you. I have recently uploaded a Albert King style improvisation, and give you the credit the best way possible. Congratulations for these ten years, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the selfless and loving work you do for music and the blues. Enrique Nuesch (that's my name on YT also).
- Enrique Nuesch

Hey Anthony, I've been a blues fan since I discovered SRV and Albert King about 5 years ago. I started playing from that moment on and have taken lessons with three different teachers, none of whom were able to teach me what I really wanted to learn, let alone get me any closer to the sound I wanted to develop. I purchased the Albert King lessons at TXBA which took me almost a year to go through but man, what a ride! I finally decided to quit my face to face lessons and focus all my learning and playing time to TXBA. I'm working on the Texas Flood advanced solo now (almost completed) and I am planning to continue purchasing your awesome lessons to build my blues knowledge (rhythm and BB King lessons next). You made me put 11s on my guitar, get a hard pick and tune a half step down and also stop being a freak about pedals and gear and focus on the one thing that matters: my playing. I hope TXBA never ever goes down so I can continue purchasing your awesome lessons and bringing more chops to the blues jam night after night. Greetings from Costa Rica! Jose Valerio
- Jose Valerio

Anthony, I stumbled across a lesson from StevieSnacks in about 2008 or so I believe. I loved it so much, I wrote an email blabbing on and on about what SRV means to me, and YOU WROTE BACK! Too cool, and froncthen on I've been hooked. The essential fretboard lesson literally connected some dots I needed connecting and my playing has been elevated ever since. It's been a blessing watching you grow and I wish you continued success! Rock on!
- Bryan LaCroix