Slight Return

In The Style of "Voodoo Child (slight return)"

SRV’s cover of Voodoo Child (slight return) is awesome, and if you don’t think so, you can stop reading now.

If you’re like me, this song has been the source of more than few frustrating moments. Parts of it aren’t that hard, but other sections are just impossible.

I created the Slight Return lessons to share what I’ve learned from this song over the past 18 years. I’ve taken the major themes that Stevie used when he played it, and distilled it into three different solos - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These lessons will allow you to start working on this style of soloing, no matter what skill level you’re at.

Lesson Details


The Beginner Lesson allows you to start learning the ‘sound’ of Voodoo Child with easy licks, predictable timing and very little speed.


The Intermediate Lesson adds more speed, allows less time between licks and has more focus on bending and vibrato.


The Advanced Lesson has power, speed, intensity and is designed to match the difficulty of the actual recording.