B.B.‘s Influence

108 Bars Of The Sound You've Been Missing

Learn the sweet, stinging style of B.B. King in these two soloing lessons. If you want to learn how to mix major and minor together, this lesson series is one of the best I have on that topic.

About This Course

B.B. King’s playing is approachable, universally loved, and yet a huge number of aspiring blues guitarists get stuck inside those minor boxes hacking away on the minor pentatonic scale in every blues song they play.

Mixing major and minor is not a secret, but if you’re not doing it already, maybe it’s time to start learning how. B.B.’s Influence takes you on that journey, using the style of B.B. King as your guide.

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B.B.‘s Influence

Downloadable videos, tablature, and backing tracks for B.B.'s Influence.

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Course Tour

You should know what's taught in this course before buying. So here's a tour through the course, with a description of each lesson.

  • Lesson 1
    Slow Blues
    What You'll Learn

    Learn a 60 bar slow blues solo in the style of songs like Sweet Little Angel and Sweet Sixteen.

    • Lesson Video
    • Tablature
    • Backing Track
  • Lesson 2
    Swingin' Blues
    What You'll Learn

    Learn a 60 bar swinginí blues solo in the style of songs like Every Day I Have The Blues and Let The Good Times Roll.

    • Lesson Video
    • Tablature
    • Backing Track
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Course Features

We put a lot of work into making these courses easy to follow, but most importantly effective. Here's a list of features this course offers.

  • Lick-By-Lick Organization

    Learning a long solo is hard, so I break long solos into individual licks. Each lick is taught individually, and you'll always know where you're at.

    The tabs clearly mark where each lick starts, so you can easily find the right spot.

  • Note-For-Note Teaching

    When I teach a solo, I don't simply play the lick and expect you to figure it out - I call out each note by string and fret number.

    This method takes longer, but I want to make sure you know exactly what to play.

  • Organized Lesson Format

    Each solo in this course is taught in a similar format. The solo is broken into individual licks and each lick is taught the same way.

    • First, you see a demonstration of the lick.
    • Then, you see that same demo at 50% speed.
    • Then I teach you the lick note-for-note
  • Chapter Markers

    Long videos are hard to navigate, so we put chapter markers throughout, making it easier for you to skip to the section of the video you were last watching.

    Our DVDs also have these chapter markers, you can skip around a lesson video using the Next and Previous controls.

  • Player's Perspective

    The videos in this course are shot from the over-the-shoulder perspective that you'd use if you were trying to watch what someone was playing. This view allows you to take what you see and more easily translate it to your own guitar neck.

  • Progression Counter

    Our Progression Counter shows you exactly where you are in the chord progression during each lick of the solo. It also shows you which beat the licks start and end on. This incredibly useful tool is shown in each solo demonstration of this course.

  • Tablature

    This course comes with GuitarPro (and PDF) tablature. If you own the GuitarPro software, you can open and play these tablature files.

    To make the tablature easier to navigate, I've inserted labels that clearly mark where each lick starts. These lick numbers match the lick numbers in the lesson videos.

  • Instant Downloads

    As soon as you buy this course, you'll be able to download a zip file containing the entire course. The files are not encrypted, locked, or protected in any way. You own them forever.

    • The videos will play in Quicktime Player or iTunes.
    • Tablature is provided in GuitarPro and PDF formats.
    • Backing Tracks are in MP3 format.
  • iPads / Tablets

    Because we use standard video and audio formats, you can download our courses onto iPads, or other tablets. You just need an app (like Goodreader) that can download and unzip files.